What is Discipling?

“Discipling is an intentional relationship in which we walk alongside other disciples in order to encourage, equip and challenge one another in love to grow towards maturity in Christ.”

Just because Jesus focused his attention on a few does not mean that he did not want to reach the multitudes.

Jesus had enough vision to think small. Focusing did not limit his influence - it expanded it. 

It is the desire of Discipleship International to train up Christians to train up other Christians. Using the Bible as our guide and the Equip to Serve training program as a tool we desire to see a stronger Christian church one Christian at a time.

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doctrinal statement


We believe that all Scripture is inspired by God as men of God were moved by the Holy Spirit to record His words without error.

We believe that the 66 books of the Old & New Testaments have been providentially preserved by God as the infallible Word of God and the only authoritative guide for the faith and life of Christian discipleship.


We believe in God, the eternal Spirit, infinite in holiness, power, wisdom, righteousness, goodness, love and mercy.

In the unity of the Godhead there are three persons, of one essence, faculty, and glory; the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit being coexistent throughout all eternity.


We believe in God the Father. The creator and sustainer of all things; who orders all things to serve His eternal purposes.


We believe that Jesus Christ, the eternal Son of God, was conceived of the virgin Mary by special sovereign act of the Holy Spirit, so that His two entire, unflawed and separate natures, His deity and His manhood, were inseparably embodied together in one person, without alteration, compromise or confusion.

He lived His earthly life as a man, subject to all the trials and temptations of men, yet without sin.

His death on the cross was the special and complete act of atonement for the sins of all the world.

He rose from death in bodily form by the power of the Holy Spirit.

He ascended into heaven where He now intercedes for all who believe.

He will return bodily to this earth, will judge the living and the dead, and establish His eternal Kingdom.


We believe in the person of the Holy Spirit, one with the Father and the Son, sent by them to effect redemption in man.

He convicts, regenerates, guides, teaches, indwells, empowers, comforts, intercedes, unites believers into one body, and glorifies Christ.


We believe that man was created in the image of God, sinless, and in fellowship with God, with a free will to make moral choices.

But man sinned, and willfully disobeyed God, breaking fellowship with Him and bringing physical, spiritual and eternal death on the whole human race.

Consequently all are sinful by nature, in a state of rebellion against God, and therefore guilty before God and in need of forgiveness through Christ.


We are saved by the grace of God through faith in Christ.

The Holy Spirit, through the Word of God, convicts men and women of their sin and need for salvation.

Those who repent of their sin and trust in Christ as Saviour and Lord receive forgiveness.

Saving faith involves a surrender of the will to Christ, a complete trust in him, resulting in a joyful obedience to His Word as a faithful disciple.


We believe that the church is one body, the bride of Christ, established through God’s redemptive work in history.

Believers from all nations, races and social classes, regenerated by faith in Christ and cleansed by His blood, are baptized by His Spirit into one body and separated to God and are members of his body, whose head is Christ.

We believe that the command to make disciples of all nations is the primary task of the church.

Every member is a witness to Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit and is to proclaim the message of the gospel of Jesus Christ in both words and actions.

privacy statement

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