Kenya - Heric M.

The Equip to Serve series has helped me to absorb much especially on being rooted up in Him, who is Christ our Saviour and has made me to overflow with thankfulness as:

  • I have learned how to spend time with God, how to develop systematic Bible Study and how to achieve positive attitudes towards scripture memorization.
  • The discipleship training has made me more active than before and this has caused me to have spiritual growth and an established walk with God.
  • The series has improved my attitude towards topical memory system, hence achieving more on how to apply the memory verses to my life situation.
  • Discipleship book one has laid a good and firm start key as I can say since I have learned the assurances of God it has become a key to Christian living.
  • The acquired knowledge in discipleship has really benefited me in my everyday life, when sharing with others and when addressing groups of people. Those I have discipled using the training have grown to apply it to their lives, especially on how to have an exciting devotional life.

The program has helped me to be a visionary, positive thinker and a right shepherd for the true church and the committed followers of Jesus Christ. The above has been achieved after being Equipped to Serve. What I have learned has benefitted me and it is my prayer that God will help me to pass on the things I have learned to the youth, church and the entire nation as as to rescue perishing souls to Christ! Acts 1:8

Live long discipleship!

Canada - Rose L.

I am currently taking the Equip to Serve Program and I am in Book 3 of 6. When I came to Christ last year and was baptizedI found the course in the Christian papers and knew I have to enroll. 

This course is so invaluable because of several aspects. It really encourages me to have a relationship with God by daily quiet time and being accountable to one another and sharing with each other. Also, the part which I first dreaded but now see the benefits of it as I build my strong foundation in Christ is the memorization of Bible verses. One other reason I took this training was to effectively share the good news to the non believer. 

I am really looking forward to finishing the program, to learn leadership in Christ. I know that this not only head knowledge but application which I am so grateful for. I was drawn by the Holy Spirit to be discipled and I am so glad I took this course, the training I am using daily in my life as I teach my daughter. As a new believer I truly believe that this is an essential part of my spiritual growth and should be for all new believers because so many are being torn and fall away once they come to Christ. 

Sara - Philippines

What Impressed Me?

That I was able to commit to a 12 Sunday class, willingly. But seriously, everything about the course impressed me. The content of the textbook, the teacher; the interactive way that classes were held (everybody had to participate, nobody can just sit at the side and not say anything). My classmates also impressed me.

What Impacted Me?

This class literally changed my life, before this class, I was a "Sunday Christian." I would go to church on Sundays, sit through the service, and then, go on with my normal life. I honestly believed that I was being a good Christian already by doing this.

I have learned so many things in this class. More than I've ever learned in all my years attending church. My daily Quiet time/Bible reading has helped me little by little become a better person. Before this class, I really didn't think reading the Bible was necessary much less, reading it everyday. But when I actually started reading the Bible everyday, I was so surprised at how much it helped me in normal everyday situations. It helped me even during difficult times and best of all, it helped me get a clearer picture of how I should live/be living my life.

Recently, I was experiencing some "issues" at work that normally would have really bothered me. Normally, I would have done either of these 2 things: I would have been so mad at the person who was talking behind my back, and would have picked a fight with her. or, I would have resigned. given up, and said, I really don't care what everybody thinks of me. I am better than all of you. I deserve better treatment than this. You know, normal things a prideful person would do. But with God's help, (for 1 straight month, my quiet time/prayers were all about this particular issue) I was able to not do anything rash and really think about the issues at hand and what the reasons/motivations are of the people that have hurt me. and if they really meant to do so or not.

God helped me forgive them, and not bear grudges. God helped me see the lessons behind the whole incident. God helped me realized that what they were saying was true. That I really am not working as hard as I should be. I felt like I couldn't live up to the expectations that my boss had of me anyway, so why even bother? But God helped me realize that: Even if other people are better at me in doing my job, I cannot just completely give up, and stop trying. I may not be the brightest and most intelligent but I can be the most hard-working.

Without God's guidance, I would never have reacted this way. I am so thankful that I was able to attend this class. This class is really one of the best things that has ever happened to me.

What Challenged Me?

At first, the idea of entrusting EVERYTHING to God was a little difficult for me. I have always had trust issues with everything. Meaning, everytime I ask people to do something for me, I have a habit of following up, and always worrying if they really will do it for me, or if they will do it well. So, mostly when I pray to God, I also do some things at the sidelines, just to make sure that things will work out.

But when I started attending the ETS classes..I suddenly thought "Why not trust Him completely? Why not try it out?" And I haven't looked back from that time on. Trusting God really did make my life so much easier. Makes me wonder why I never thought of doing this until now.

Burke - Canada

Why D.I.?

Well I'm now in my 40s and I asked myself some pretty important questions.

Does my life honor and glorify God?

Am I living out the Great Commission?

Can others see Christ living in me?

Is my relationship with God growing?

What am I doing to spread God's love?

I didn't feel good about answering these questions. With the busy life I've led, where would I find the time to discipline myself? The fact was, the world was keeping me too busy and I knew I was headed for a break down. I needed something with accountability, structure, and a plan for success that would help me grow in my walk with Christ. So after I was introduced to D.I. I asked myself, "If no D.I. then what?"

What have you gotten out of D.I.?

Group accountability and encouragement from fellow students has kept me obedient and faithful in my walk and growth in Christ. My daily Bible reading, journaling, and prayer time with God have become solid disciplines in my life. They no longer feel like chores but I look forward to them each day.

One amazing thing I've learned is that memorizing scriptures has nothing to do with how well I perceive my memory to be. It is simply a matter of effort, dedication and repetition. In over 20 years of being a Christian I had memorized only one verse from the Bible. In the past year I have memorized 30 and quote them at least once a week while I drive to and from work.

Witnessing is my weakest discipline. D.I. is training and equipping me to effectively witness to others and is helping me in keeping what I Peter 3:15 says, "But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts, and always be ready to give a defense to everyone who asks you a reason for the hope that is in you, with meekness and fear." (NKJV)

I would recommend D.I. to anyone looking to strengthen their walk with Christ, no matter how short or long they've been saved.