Partnership in Global Discipleship Impact


This donation for 2022 have been divided into five key ministry locations that Discipleship International (DI) desires to focus: Canada, Kenya, India , Cuba and the Philippines


Outlined are what we have identified as the key tools and resources we could use to reach the mandate of Discipleship International which is to “make disciples of all nations”.


The Ministry of DI exists to build Christ-centered relationships, to bring people in those relationships to a deeper maturity in Christ and to train them to do the same with others.



Win – Share the gospel that others may know who Christ is and what he did for us. 1 Peter 3:15


Build – Grow people up in their faith with tools and accountability to develop habits and a strong Christ centered foundation. Colossians 2:7


Mobilize – Develop platforms for people to practically use what God is teaching them about following him. Matthew 28:19-20




2022 Canadian & 

International Projects

Make donations below for the specific areas you would like to support.

Donations can also be made by e-transfer to or cheque to

400-604 Columbia Street, New Westminster, BC, V3M 1A5

  • Cuba

    Printing Bibles and ETS books  - We are raising support for a new work in Cuba led by our Director in Mexico. We are supporting the Cuba team with Bibles and ETS Spanish books and preparing for another trip to train the local church in February 2023.



  • Kenya

    Translation and Printing Equip to Serve books  - Translate discipleship training material into Swahili for use by the local people and printing books to help cover costs for the local people

    Support for training -  Transportation and materials for training in other Eastern Africa nations including Tanzania, Congo and Rwanda.



  • South Asia

    Translation of Discipleship MaterialWe are currently translating the Equip to Serve discipleship training program into 5 languages: Hindi, Ory, Benagli, Assame and Punjabi


    Support for Grassroots Pastors  - Providing a basic income for Pastors to have the support needed to disciple their congregations  and food packages through our partner STEP Ministries for Pastors and their famiilies



  • Philippines

    Support for Grassroots Pastors - Providing Food and basic supplies to Pastors and their congregations that are in lockdown and not receiving an income.


    Bibles and discipleship materials -  Printing of Bibles and ETS discipleship ministry for support of partner churches


    Children's ministry - Providing food and materials for children's programs in Manila with Pastor Jong and for tribal ministry outreach with Shiela



  • Canada

    Staff Support   -   Supporting Discipleship International staff who run Equip to Serve discipleship training groups in Vancouver and Manitoba areas and look after International discipleship training  


    Gospel Tract Production Printing tracts that convey the gospel in a straightforward Biblical presentation to be used by our discipleship groups as a tool for sharing the gospel and so we can supply free of charge.



Discipleship is about Generations

As we look back at the ministry of Discipleship International we can rejoice in the generations of Christians who have become disciple makers through the ministry. As the 2:7 discipleship program celebrates 50 years of being used as a tool to make disciples we rejoice and celebrate how the "Equip to Serve" program as we now call it in Canada has been impacting many for the Kingdom of God.