JOin us for a Half Day of Prayer On-Line

On Saturday  November  6, 2021 from 9-1:00 pm PST we will be hosting an on-line half day of prayer.

The schedule will be different than our in person half days of prayer.

Using the A.C.T.S format for prayer we be breaking the time of prayer into 5 sections.

We will have devotions shared from Canada, Bangladesh, Mexico and India

Topic: Half day of prayer

Time: Nov 6, 2021 09:00 AM Vancouver

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 860 5360 3006

Passcode: 285322

Schedule for the Day

9:00 am - Welcome/Devotion

9:15 am -  Singing

9:30 am- Devotion on Adoration

9:45 am-  Spend 1/2 hour in personal adoration prayer

10:15 am - Singing then Devotion on Confession

10:30 am - Spend 1/2 hour in personal confession

11:00 am - Singing then Devotion on Thanksgiving

11:15 am - Spend 1/2 hour in thanksgiving

11:45 am - Singing then Devotion on Supplication

12:00 pm - Spend 1/2 hour in supplication (asking ) prayer

12:30 pm - We come together and are put in break-out rooms to pray together for 1/2 hour

1:00 - Closing words

Watch the video beforehand to preapre for the zoom meeting. It is best to download the zoom app on your phone, tablet or laptop before the meeting starts.