Beautiful Gate Orphanage  Lesotho, Africa

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Discipleship International has partnered with Beautiful Gate Orphanage in Lesotho Africa as their Canadian ministry representative. You can make donations from Canada that will be used to provide much needed food, shelter, education for orphaned children aged 0-5.

Beautiful Gate Lesotho exists to reach out to orphaned, abandoned, and neglected children ages newborn to 5 years old, and give them the love they need and deserve.

In a country afflicted by overwhelming poverty (2 in 5 people live on less than $1 a day) and extreme disease (over 1 in 4 people are HIV positive), children are often treated with no more respect or worth than a discarded candy wrapper. Children are sometimes found in a trash dumpster, a toilet pit, or alone in a forest. We seek to give them the opportunity to be more than just a statistic. We strive to give them the opportunity to just be kids.

Beautiful Gate Lesotho seeks to glorify God by giving these children their childhood while they wait for their forever families. The ultimate goal is to unite these children with forever families that will love them as their own. Until that is accomplished, Beautiful Gate Lesotho is their family. The staff and volunteers love these children as their own. The children at Beautiful Gate Lesotho have lives that reflect those of any other child. They are given opportunities to go to school, play with their friends, and help our around their houses. They have the same physical and emotional needs that all children do. It does not matter whether they are orphaned or abandoned, they are still children, and their first and foremost identity is as a precious child made in the image of a loving, Heavenly Father.

Beautiful Gate 2 (BGL2) PROJECT

Beautiful Gate 2 Project

It has been a long-time dream of Beautiful Gate Lesotho's board and management to expand our services to other districts of Lesotho. It is with great excitement and joy that we announce we are taking steps to making this dream a reality. At the end of 2017, Beautiful Gate Lesotho was gifted a plot of land in Peka, Leribe (roughly 1.5 hours from our Maseru campus). 

Through a generous financial gift we were also able to purchase some surrounding land in order to have a big enough property to accommodate a new childcare centre. As we care for children between the ages of birth and five years old at our Maseru campus, our goal is for the Peka campus to cater to children six years old and above. We also hope to create a more focused care and development program for children with special needs. 


To date, we have finalized the property lease and are in the active planning stage of development, with the help of a US-based contractor. We will be able to start officially pricing out the various phases of the project as he provides us with building designs and campus layouts. Our next steps are to locate the right individual for the roles of project manager and continue building our funding pool that will eventually go toward this project. 


"With God's provision the fencing, and water well and tank are now complete! We are now actively fundraising for the next major step in this project- to bring power (electricity) to the BGL2."


Current Quotations:

  • Perimeter Fencing - R288,000 (~$16,525 USD) - "COMPLETED- Thanks to all involved!"

  • Bore Hole (Well) - R103,000 (~$5,910 USD) -COMPLETED- Thanks to all involved!

  • Guard House - construction starting this Fall

  • LEC (Lesotho Electric Company) - bring electricity to BGL2!  ($100,000 CAN)